White House: GOP chief impediment to healthy economy

Josh Earnest

Josh Earnest: “The chief impediment to reaching a grand bargain has been the refusal of Republicans to ask the wealthiest and well-connected to pay even a dime more to help us deal with our deficit challenges.” Photo credit www.politico.com

White House deputy press secretary Josh Earnest claimed that Republican lawmakers’ refusal to consider additional tax hikes was the “chief impediment” to the president’s plan to achieve, if not a balanced budget, at least a reduction in the deficit.

“For some time now, the chief impediment to reaching a grand bargain has been the refusal of Republicans to ask the wealthiest and well-connected to pay even a dime more to help us deal with our deficit challenges,” Earnest said, according to Politico. “I’m sad to report that, even months later, that, that continues to be the case, that we are seeing a group of Republicans in the Congress who are refusing to compromise on this.”

Earnest, ignoring the fact that Republicans gave in to a tax hike less than three months earlier, was on a roll. Like a hungry dog, he wouldn’t give up that particular bone.

“In fact, you even see some of them that are actually running around the country bragging about their intransigence on this,” he said. “That’s not in the best interest of the country. It’s not in the best interest of our economy.”

What the White House calls “intransigence” is referred to as principles by the more conservative GOP members of Congress. This is especially true when one considers the less-than-stellar economy.

Gross domestic product grew at an anemic 0.4 percent for the fourth quarter, Bloomberg.com reported. Even so, the White House popped the champagne corks. Why? Because previous estimates put growth for the last quarter at 0.1 percent.

To recap, although the patient is anemic, the White House demands that he give more blood.

“Earnest said he didn’t know of any meetings planned between President Obama and members of Congress on reaching a deal,” Politico reported.

Of course not. The president prefers campaigning to hammering out agreements.

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4 thoughts on “White House: GOP chief impediment to healthy economy

  1. Charles Smith says:

    No dear idiot, that's not the impediment. The impediment is taxes in geo synchronous orbit driving businesses out of this country and the wealthy that own them.

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  3. Patriot1742 says:

    There are more millionaire democrats than Republicans (recently proven that Republicans give more to charities than democrats) so I suggest democrats foot the bill for a change.

    That was easy.

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