Dana Loesch schools Piers Morgan, Van Jones on guns

Sparks flew on CNN Thursday night when Piers Morgan invited Van Jones, Grover Norquist and Dana Loesch to debate — what else? — gun control.

Jones brought up the issue of “military-style weapons on the streets of America,” Mediaite reported.

Loesch jumped right in, calling his use of the term a “false premise,” adding, “Van, I’m going to correct you, because I’m tired of this talking point being put out there. First and foremost, let’s get something straight. Military-style assault weapons are not out on the street. We are talking about semi-automatic weapons … Let’s stop conflating.”

“I do not own a ‘military-style assault rifle,’” she added. “Just because a firearm — what, looks scary — you call it military assault? Do you realize that one of my children has a BB gun that looks like an AR-15? Is that going to be considered a ‘military assault weapon?’”

Read more at Mediaite.

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