Video:The making and test-fire of a 3D-printed gun

Cody Wilson
Cody R. Wilson of Defense Distributed and his “printable” gun. Photo credit

A month ago, a 25-year-old University of Texas law student taught the world how to build high-capacity magazines for AR-15s, using a personal computer, some computer aided design software and a 3-D printer. Now he’s teaching us how to build pretty much the who damn gun.

Of course some parts — the barrel, firing pin and springs to name a few — have to be made of of metal. But there is still plenty that can be manufactured with polymer — and thus “printed.”

Motherboard produced the following documentary about the latest doings of Cody R. Wilson of Defense Distributed since we last saw him.

Motherboard, it should be noted, “is an online magazine and video channel dedicated to the intersection of technology, science and humans,” according to its website. It therefore doesn’t have a dog in this fight — it’s neither pro-gun nor anti-gun. It’s merely an observer.

The video depicts both the good — the ability to essentially “print” your own gun, together with the bad — if we can, then so can the criminal or the very young and impressionable. Clearly technology is outpacing the law.

Though a bit long — 24 minutes — you’ll find it compelling, entertaining and very informative. In it, Wilson discusses the rifle’s constitution and his thoughts on gun control issues. But mostly we watch him make and test-fire a 3D-printed gun.

Click, print, gun


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