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Malkin to GOP: Shut-up about illegal amnesty and secure the border

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Like a breath of fresh air, conservative blogger Michelle Malkin told GOP lawmakers working on immigration reform to “shut-up about illegal amnesty” and concentrate on securing the border first.

Malkin appeared on Thursday’s Fox and Friends and expressed frustration at Sens. John McCain and Marco Rubio for failing to recognize that without a secure border, more illegals will continue to cross like McCain witnessed and tweeted about Wednesday in Arizona.

She said that all the proposed reforms to date by the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” simply sound to her like “another massive illegal alien amnesty.”

Malkin was visibly agitated, but spoke for many when she said:

Whether it’s John McCain or Marco Rubio, whoever is posing as a tea party spokesman now — and even John McCain, of course, during the campaign pretended that he understood the concerns of grassroots conservatives – if you really believe in border security and are telling people that you don’t want to talk about amnesty until the border is secure, why don’t you shut-up about illegal amnesty and make sure that the border is secure?

Three cheers for Malkin.

Watch the segment here via Mediaite:


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