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US border unmanned up to 8 hours a day due to cuts

Photo Credit: FrontPageMag.com

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When the U.S. Border Patrol begins cutting agent’s hours on April 7, “large portions” of the border may be left unprotected for up to eight hours a day.

Fox News’ William La Jeunesse reported Tuesday Border Patrol agent’s overtime hours will be eliminated due to automatic spending cuts that went into effect with the sequester.

Border Patrol told Fox News the border will be left “25 percent less secure” when agent’s stop working their normal 10-hour shifts.

The border will be “open, unattended, naked for up to two hours at a time during each shift change. Perhaps up to eight hours a day in some areas,” La Jeunesse reported.

Watch the report on how and why our border security is in danger due to budget cuts here:


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