Man robs bank with fake gun, gets shot in face with real .357-magnum

Smith & Wesson .357-magnum Photo credit
Smith & Wesson .357-magnum
Photo credit

A 34-year-old Missouri man’s weapon of choice when he planned a bank robbery early this month was a toy, plastic gun. He didn’t choose wisely, and the robbery didn’t go off exactly as he’d intended.

Things went badly from the moment Michael Oliva entered the First Security Bank in Trimble, Mo. dressed in a black mask. He walked up to a female teller, pulled out his “weapon” and demanded cash. Instead of handing over the contents of her till, she dropped to the floor out of sight of the would-be robber.

As the teller crawled on the floor toward another teller shouting for help, that would have been a good time for Oliva to turn around, walk out and re-think this whole bank robbery business. Not him, though, uh uh. His parents didn’t raise him to be a quitter.

Instead, he first leaned over the teller station, and then walked behind it, keeping his toy gun pointed in her direction.

Another bank employee who was in an office at the time, heard the commotion, saw that was going down and retrieved his own weapon of choice — a Smith & Wesson .357-magnum. As opposed to Oliva, he chose wisely that morning.

He shot at the robber twice, the first time hitting him in the jaw. That’s when Oliva decided to retreat — about 30 seconds and two rounds later than he should have.

Oliva was eventually caught after leading police on a high-speed car chase and charged with attempted bank robbery.



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