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GOP asks why bin Laden’s son-in-law not interrogated before Mirandized

Suleiman Abu Ghaith
Photo Credit: The Guardian

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Top GOP lawmakers have expressed their “grave misgivings” to President Obama over the decision to rush Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law to trial without ever interrogating him about the activities of al-Qaida and Iran.

Fox News reported the Republican chairman of four House committees, “oversight for intelligence, the armed services, the judiciary and foreign affairs,” sent a letter to Obama asking “how the administration’s apparent rush to bring Sulaiman Abu Ghaith to a criminal court is in the national security interest.”

According to Fox, the congressmen wrote in part:

The failure to provide an adequate mechanism for the United States to acquire sensitive intelligence information from Abu Ghaith prior to Mirandizing him and bringing him to criminal court suggests a fundamental lack of a coherent security strategy.

The four chairman are now requesting a meeting with the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to find out if the administration lost the opportunity to learn what Abu Ghaith knew about al-Qaida and Iran before rushing him to trial.

“I’ve found in visiting Guantanamo, in visiting the prisons in Afghanistan that we have ways of getting information. We have people that are highly trained that can sit down and get these people’s confidence and they learn a lot or can learn a lot unless we shut them off with attorneys,” House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon said to Fox News.

Watch the segment from Fox News here:


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