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CNN discovers AR-15s are indeed good hunting rifles

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AR-15s — they’re not just for self-defense anymore. Photo credit shwat.com
A CNN reporter found out at a south Georgia farm that AR-15s are indeed ideal for hunting — feral hogs.

Each year, wild hogs tear up freshly planted fields to root up seeds, driving farmers batty and costing them thousands of dollars in lost crops. Enter a good man with a good gun — Hal Shouse and his AR-15s.

CNN’s Victor Blackwell reported that the AR-15 is “the gun of choice for hog hunters, because it is light, it is easy to carry and has little recoil.”

The reporter went along on a nighttime hunt with Shouse, the owner of Hog SWAT, which serves as a hunting guide business. Using high-tech night-vision gear, they scanned the fields looking for hogs poised for destruction.

“You know, when you say, ‘AR-15 and 30-round mag,’ that’s a political hot button,” Blackwell said.

“Sure it is,” the hunter said, “because people have decided to make it one. You know, tragedies happen, but the weapon didn’t create those tragedies.”

The pair eventually found a feral hog looking for food, and Shouse brought it down. Blackwell then asked the inevitable: “The question has been, repeatedly, ‘Who needs this weapon outside the military or someone who wants to kill someone else?’”

“Well, I mean, ‘need’ is a — that’s a big word,” Shouse answered. “We don’t ‘need’ a lot of things that we choose to use that would make your job easier. Um, I could do this with a single-shot weapon, but I wouldn’t be near as effective.”

We hear it often — from Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Michael Bloomberg, to name a few: Nobody goes hunting with an AR-15.

CNN and a south Georgia hunter have proved them wrong.


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