CBS’ contrition leads Beckel to tearful apology of his own

Fox News host Bob Beckel discussed the CBS apology over its Vietnam episode of “The Amazing Race” Monday night and surprised viewers with an emotional apology of his own.

Beckel, who spent last week ripping into CBS for airing such an anti-American episode, accepted both the CBS apology read on-air during Sunday night’s episode of “The Amazing Race,” and the apology issued by the show’s producer via Facebook on Monday.

Beckel then addressed Vietnam veterans directly, and with tears in his eyes, apologized to them for never thanking them for their service during a war he didn’t support.

The other hosts on “The Five” then discussed the outpouring of support for Beckel this past week.

Dana Perino, former press secretary to President George W. Bush, had an excellent analysis of the way this story was covered by Fox News, and by Beckel in particular, in a social media, cable news network era, saying to Beckel, “I commend you for it. But I also think it’s a fascinating lesson in current communication in politics and media.”

Watch the segment from Monday’s “The Five:”


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