New York’s 7-bullet magazine ban to be indefinitely lifted

Andrew Cuomo
Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Photo credit
A centerpiece to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s highly restrictive rash of gun bills is about to be suspended indefinitely.

The seven-round limitation on all gun magazines sold in New York, passed in January and set to take effect April 15, left many firearm owners scratching their heads. Cuomo just discovered why: No one makes a seven-round magazine, reported.

The limit will be scrubbed in an amendment tacked onto to the state budget.

The budget bill “will have an indefinite postponement of the issue,” Dean Skelos, a Long Island Republican who co-leads the state Senate with five Democrats, told reporters in Albany Saturday.

Emails from BizPac Review(?) to the governor’s office requesting comment went unanswered.

Giving up on the seven-round limit will keep the state’s current 10-round limitation in effect. Other provisions of New York’s gun control measure, including tougher background checks, will not be touched.

Cuomo steamrolled his gun measure through the legislative process in 24 hours, violating his state’s three-day requirement for bills to be voted on. The governor has said the rush was necessary to prevent a spike in so-called “assault weapons” sales.



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