Prosecutors in Wisconsin charge 10 people with voter fraud


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Prosecutors in Milwaukee County have charged ten people with voter fraud during the 2012 election, including two “double voters” and two felons who were ineligible to vote.

Among the fraud cases is a woman accused of signing a recall petition against Gov. Scott Walker three times; and the petition circulator who collected those signatures, according to the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel.

This latest development comes just two days after a report in North Carolina of five people there being investigated for possible voter fraud, according to the CBS affiliate WNCT. They are suspected of being registered in both their state and in Florida.

And the report out of Ohio of an Obama supporter accused of voting for him six times in the November election.

Curiously, all of the charges surfacing are in battleground states. Although, some continue to insist that “large-scale voter fraud is virtually non-existent today,” as Forbes contributor John Wasik wrote in a piece on Nov. 6, 2012.

A sentiment we hear often from the left, who diligently oppose any measures to address the problem. Perhaps, if they repeat it often enough, it may come to be true?

As National Review details, the Milwaukee County prosecutions announcement includes:

Leonard K. Brown is charged with falsely claiming he lived in Milwaukee and voting illegally four times there in 2012 alone.

Chad Gigowski is charged with voting in the November election in both suburban Greenfield and in Milwaukee.

Brittany M. Rainey was charged with lying about her past as a felon to vote in last November’s elections.

Caitlan Haycock was charged for signing her name and both her parents’ names to a petition to recall Governor Scott Walker from office.

Fozia Nawaz of Milwaukee was charged with voting in Greenfield. She told investigators she found it easier to vote there.

The National Review adds that Milwaukee experienced an “illegal organized attempt to influence the outcome of [the 2004] election,” as it was called in a 67-page report by the Milwaukee Police Department. John Kerry won the state by less than 12,000 votes in the presidential race that year.

Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

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Tom Tillison


6 thoughts on “Prosecutors in Wisconsin charge 10 people with voter fraud

  1. Patriot1742 says:

    WHAT – Eric Holder said there is no voter fraud – responding to the fact that there were 25,000 names on a register in Houston TX – none of them lived in the district. I am so surprised. Liberal voters made up all 25,000.

  2. KB Cook says:

    Voter fraud? we don't got no voter fraud! When they are done in WI I hope they come west one more state and arrest, prosecute and hang the thousands of fraudulent voters in MN … they multiply like rabbits here!

  3. Sarah says:

    You can bet this is just the tip of the iceberg…

  4. jerry person says:

    Brittany M. Rainey was charged with lying about her past as a felon to vote in last November’s elections.

    Brittany can vote and do jury duty as ex felon. Now let me get this straight walker had a criminal enterprise operating in his office to get him elected and double standards a cash allowed him to get a repreve. these people are easy prey so lets get them. To change what is norm for personal , political or religous reasons is an act of perversion accourding to websters dictionary. walker and his cronies are 3 strike pervs.

    1. Ronald Kimball says:

      As a felon, a person cannot vote in a Federal Election unless they have completed their sentences to include probation and parole. Further they may not sit on a jury until then also. I believe in this case,

      Rainer was on either parole or probation and that you, as a losing democrat have sour grapes.!

    2. Sean Downey says:

      felons cannot vote in all states. I have a State lvl felony from texas(was 17 for pot). I cant get an apartment except in gov aided or slums, cannot vote, or hold office or have a gun. totally diff in alaska. I can have a gun, i am non violent, NEVER was a dealer, and never violent. And i voted last year. Oh yeah and i forgot…. I found a great place to live. So check your STATE laws.

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