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Pam Geller defends jihad signs, battles Muslim-American

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Political activist Pamela Geller responded to being called an “anti-Muslim, homophobe” for using quotes from known terrorists in a new ad-campaign by asking where was the condemnation of those Muslim jihadists who actually said the words.

Mediaite reported Geller appeared on “CNN Saturday Morning” to discuss the American Freedom Defense Initiative’s “anti-Jihad” ad-campaign running on city buses in San Francisco. Geller’s group took out ten ads showing the “reality of Jihad” by using actual quotes from terrorists like Osama bin Laden.

However, she was soon defending herself from being called an “offensive anti-Muslim, homophobe” from Linda Sarsour with the National Network For Arab American Communities.

Geller fired back, saying:

My calling attention to this makes me homophobic? No. Not calling attention to the plight of gays under the Sharia is killing people. So, of course, attack me. Where is the condemnation of the actual statements that these high profile Muslims are making? [Emphasis added].

Watch the segment from CNN via Mediaite:


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