Victim mentality destroying the fabric of America

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America has been gripped by a “progressive virus” that is rotting away at our very foundation and will bring about dire social, economic and political consequences if left unchecked.

In an incident that was reported earlier this week, a middle-school in Massachusetts canceled its annual honors assembly because it was too upsetting for some students — a belief that personifies this progressive illness.

The principal, David Fabrizio, stated that such events can be “devastating to a child” who has worked hard but was not able to maintain a high grade point average.

The National Review points out that Fabrizio justified his decision by claiming it was unfair to reward good grades — which can be influenced by the home environment and supportive parents — because not all of students have access to equal amounts of academic and emotional support.

Fabrizio apparently believes competitive environments are healthy and necessary, but thinks everyone should be included – which equates to a “participation” award for showing up.

This thought process is well defined in the book, “The Progressive Virus: Why You Can’t Permit It To Go Forward,” by Dr. Anthony Napoleon.

Napoleon points out that progressives believe the social injustice in one’s environment “creates” the inequality in outcome. Inequality that is derived from the “haves” oppressing the “have-nots” to achieve a better outcome, justifying a greater focus on equal outcome than on equal opportunity.

This idea ignores that “all societies and cultures are heterogeneous mixtures of people with differing levels of talent, skills, industry, motivation and opportunity,” Napoleon writes, and instead implies that we are “made” by our environment.

A process that creates a sense of entitlement among the “have-nots,” and favors the displacement of responsibility to others or the culture at large for ones fate, where the “not so successful” blame their resultant unhappiness on those more successful, Napoleon suggests.

It’s a victims mentality where the “entitled” class is led to believe that they are destined to achieve great things, and when they fail as a result of simply being average, they conclude that they must have been deprived or oppressed.

And this misguided thinking is slowly destroying the fabric of America, resulting in a citizenry devoid of personal responsibility or any sense of self reliance.

Tom Tillison


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