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FAU apologizes for ‘Stomp Jesus’ lesson, vows never again

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Public outrage over the controversial “Stomp Jesus” classroom assignment has forced Florida Atlantic University to issue an apology.

“We sincerely apologize for any offense this has caused,” the university said in a prepared statement to Fox News. “Florida Atlantic University respects all religions and welcomes people of all faiths, backgrounds and beliefs.”

The apology comes after a student complained that FAU professor Deandre Poole offended his religious beliefs when he instructed his intercultural communications class earlier this month to stomp on a piece of paper with  “Jesus” written on it. The student was subsequently suspended from the class.

The school said the lesson will no longer be used, Fox News reported.

BizPac Review was the first to point out that the media failed to report a key component of Poole’s resume: He is vice-chairman of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party. His recent actions add fire to an already-disturbing pattern of hate displayed by the local party, which include the resignation of its former chairman, Mark Siegel.

Siegel was forced out after telling a reporter covering the 2012 Democratic National Convention that pro-Israel Christians want to see Jews “slaughtered.”

An FAU official at first defended Poole’s decision to use the scandalous “Stomp Jesus” lesson, telling WPEC-Channel 12 that it was part of a classroom exercise from the textbook, “Intercultural Communication: A Contextual Approach, 5th Edition.”


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