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Dem senator tells GOP colleague to decide vote with coin flip

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A Democratic state senator in Colorado was in such a hurry to get through debate on a major bill that she offered to flip a coin on a vote.

Sen. Evie Hudak made the suggestion Wednesday as GOP Sen. Owen Hill sought more time to review an unread amendment to a $1 billion bill, according to The Blaze.

“I’m going to take a quick straw poll,” Hudak said. “How many want to finish it up real fast in two minutes? Raise your hand.”

Clearly, she was in a rush.

“How can I vote on it if we can’t have a little more discussion on it?” Hill replied.

“Take your best shot,” Hudak cracked.

The roll was called, and Hill repeated that he couldn’t vote on something legislators hadn’t read or discussed more thoroughly.

“Here’s a coin you can flip,” Hudak shot back.

“I didn’t knock on 20,000 doors to flip a coin,” Hill replied.

“You’ll pass for now,” Hudak said. “Here’s a coin if you want to flip it.”

“Unbelievable,” Hill muttered.

Clearly, Hudak comes from the “Nancy Pelosi ‘we have to pass the bill before we can read it’ school of lawmaking.” Is there any wonder why government is in the shape it’s in?

H/T The Blaze


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