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Two Texas home invaders dead after shootout

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Texas gave us yet another example as to why we have a Second Amendment when two heavily armed teenagers attempted a home invasion on Wednesday afternoon at a rural farmhouse.

The teens, identified as Kenneth Chaffin, 17, and Dillon King, 18, allegedly stole weapons and a pickup truck in their home state of Oklahoma before attempting to rob a Texas couple.

WFAA.com’s Teresa Woodard reported:

It all started around 1 p.m. when a woman alone in her two-story rural farmhouse on Bee Creek Road heard a rattle at the door. She told deputies she saw two men trying to break in — one of whom was dressed in camouflage with a gun strapped to his back.

The woman called her husband, who was pulling into the driveway at about the same time. He raced inside the house and got a gun.

Investigators advised that a heavy exchange of gunfire followed, resulting in the death of both teens.

“The homeowner was hit. There’s multiple rounds through his house,” said Lt. James Saulter of the Ellis County Sheriff’s Department. “Actually, one of them went through the side, and is above the bed in the master bedroom.”

Although one suspect was hit several times by the homeowner, both young men were believed to have died from self-inflicted gunshot woulds.

One has to ask, what good would 9-1-1 have been in this case? It would have resulted in two dead homeowners with the phone clutched in their hands.

Read more at WFAA.com and watch the news report below.


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