Poll: Should ‘stomp Jesus’ FAU professor Deandre Poole be forced to resign as vice chair of the Democratic Party and from FAU?

Florida Atlantic University professor Deandre Poole instructed his intercultural communications class earlier this month to write the name  “Jesus” on a piece of paper, then drop it on the floor and stomp on it. He is vice-chairman of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party.

You can read the full story at Media fail: Stomp Jesus FAU professor is a Dem. Party official.

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78 thoughts on “Poll: Should ‘stomp Jesus’ FAU professor Deandre Poole be forced to resign as vice chair of the Democratic Party and from FAU?

  1. Sean O'Neill says:

    What type of debate was thisdisgusting fool trying to teach?

    Perhaps we should STOMP on the name of his father and children. See how he /she likes it!

  2. Walter Meck says:

    After 2000 years there is still so much hatred for this one man and his name. Why is that? He never held an office or traveled very far when he walked this earth yet ALL THIS HATE for his NAME! WHY? Because he IS the way, the truth, and the life and not a way or he has a truth nor a way of life. HE IS those things and it is the only name that can save us from HELL! All demons hate his name and you can see how much this leader of the Demoncratic Party really is for satan and not GOD! SO I wrote his name Deandre Poole's on a peace of paper and smashed his name under my foot. Deandre can not do much about that BUT my LORD JESUS can and will not only take his life but also through that demon into HELL for ever, then we will see who's name really mattered! TO HELL WITH him and the devel!

  3. Richard Greco says:

    Deandre Poole's behavior shows lack of sensitivity, poor judgement, and abuse of his authority as college instructor. His position at Florida Atlantic University should not be a podium for his personal extremism.

    Is this person a model instructor for one of our State Universities? I think not. Neither should the President of Florida Atlantic University, nor the State Board of Regents think so.

    President Mary Jane Saunders should terminate Deandre Poole as an instructor. If not, President Saunders should be terminated from her position.

  4. George Washington says:

    I agree with MB!!!

  5. George Washington says:

    Well said jeff!!

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