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Coulter vehemently debates Hannity over ‘impotent’ GOP

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Disagreements are rare between Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter, but disagree they did Thursday evening over the future actions of the GOP.

Hannity was absolutely adamant that House Republicans should not have passed the continuing resolution, but rather need to stand firm on repealing Obamacare and be “willing to shut down the government and deal with the president demagoguing.”

Coulter disagreed saying the GOP focus needs to be on winning elections. She said “passion and principle is great,” but the GOP needs to actually win elections in order to be effective and make changes.

Coulter said the government shut down under Clinton hurt Republicans and that another government shut down now would make the party look “impotent,” and ultimately lose at the polls.

She reiterated that in order for the GOP to win in 2014 and 2016, Republicans should be “focused like a laser beam on nothing but getting elected.” She said Republicans should put “Democrats in the position which they fall naturally into: of defending criminals, of defending high spending, of defending these silly government programs: studying the sex habits of gophers!”

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