Beckel still hot: CBS will stand for ‘Communist Bastard Sympathizers’

Liberal Fox News host Bob Beckel wasn’t finished absolutely ripping into CBS over the pro-communist Vietnam episode of “The Amazing Race,” saying he was even “more outraged” then he was the night before.

Beckel, who said Wednesday on “The Five” CBS could “take that show and shove it,” was even more furious and outraged Thursday after getting no comment from CBS.

He slammed CBS executives saying they owed the 850,000 American Vietnam veterans alive today an “amazing big apology” for the disgusting episode that had contestants memorizing a pro-communist song and searching for clues in Hanoi at the wreckage of an American B-52 bomber that was shot down during the war.

He looked straight into the camera and shook his fist, telling CBS:

You guys better apologize. You say you have no comment? How do you have no comment on something as outrageous as that? And I’ll tell you one thing, CBS, which was a great network, you don’t want to become known as the Communist Bastard Sympathizers!”

He urged viewers to “blitz” CBS and demand they apologize to veterans for the anti-American episode.

He also warned CBS he was going to “go after them every day he can” if they don’t apologize.

Watch Beckel destroy CBS executives on Thursday’s “The Five” here:


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