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Union leader bullies lawmakers with threatening ecard

Ecard nun
American Greetings ecard sent to Palm Beach County commissioners: “Do the right thing”

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Union scare tactics get a whole lot scarier when the fear of God is brought into the mix.

Local Communications Workers of America President Richard Poulette sent an eerie American Greetings ecard to Palm Beach County commissioners warning God was watching, so “do the right thing.”

The spooky greeting featured a nun in full habit eerily staring at the reader with church organ music playing over and over in the background. The accompanying message read:

You know what you need to do. God wants you to give your workers a fair and equitable contract. Do the right thing.

The animated nun occasionally blinked and moved her eyes, which made the whole thing even creepier.

Invoking God is among the more bizarre tactics a union could use to pressure the opposition to cave to its demands, in this case “a fair contract with fair wage increases” for county employees.

Palm Beach County Administrator Bob Weisman told BizPac Review that while negotiations are running about six months behind, county workers were offered their first pay raise in four years. The lagging economy has made it impossible to offer raises until now, he said.

But union negotiators said the offer was not enough. They also want to be compensated retroactively for previous years.

Until now, the union has pressured commissioners to “do the right thing” using the usual tactics — letters and visits. But the county is clearly seeing some unusual methods this go-around.

CWA Billboard
CWA 3181 Billboard: I-95 and Australian Ave

In another crafty effort, the union is advertising on a billboard on I-95 that reads, “Do the Right Thing! Palm Beach County Commissioners. Give Your Workers a Fair Contract!”

So between a billboard-sized message and wacky emails warning God is watching, BizPac Review wanted to know if Weisman thought the union complaint was valid.

“I always like to treat employees fairly and well, but financial circumstances have not allowed us to do that. I hope for a better future,” he said.


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