Student honors assembly cancelled to avoid hurt feelings

An Ipswitch, Ma., middle school’s decision to cancel its honors assembly this year because it may be too upsetting for some students proves that America is indeed turning into a nation of wimps, and our schools are enablers in the process.

The decision to cancel this annual tradition was made by the school’s principal, David Fabrizio.

“Honors Night, which can be a great sense of pride for the recipients’ families, can also be devastating to a child who has worked extremely hard in a difficult class but who, despite growth, has not been able to maintain a high grade point average,” said Fabrizio according to MyFoxBoston.

The principal also cited students’ unequal access to a supportive home environment as entering into his decision.


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4 thoughts on “Student honors assembly cancelled to avoid hurt feelings

  1. Jon Dougery says:

    We can't have the dumb kids feeling stupid now, can we? LOL! Screw political correctness, give the Honor Students a party…!

  2. Summer H. says:

    Wow! I would be quite upset in an Honor's party that I was to be a part of was cancelled. Especially since I've worked extremely hard, grown, and maintained a high grade point average without access to a supportive home environment. Last time I checked, most Honors programs and societies are about overcoming Academic AND PERSONAL (at home) obstacles in order to achieve a high GPA.

  3. Joval says:

    I would be so ticked off if my daughter's Honors Night was cancelled. If she earned it and others didin't, that is too bad. Life is not quite as fair as we want it to be but how we handle the adversity makes us what we are. Maybe teh kids who didn't make this time will be motivate dto continue trying for next time. Can you imagine if sport teams stopped playing becaus ethey were better than the other team…

  4. Wanda Roberts says:

    Yep, let's continue to dumb down kids and not reward those who succeed. Public school is a liberal's playground. If possible, look for alternative education instead of public education.

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