Mind-blowing DOD video: Use ‘humor,’ ‘dialogue’ to stop murder in progress

Government is trying very hard to disarm America, yet with or without guns, crime will still occur. What should we do when confronted with a violent crime and we’re unarmed? The Obama administration has come up with the answer.

The Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute produced a video to teach Americans who witness a violent crime to use a 9-step nonviolent method to diffuse the situation and save the victim’s life. I’m not making this up. Those steps are:

– Name or acknowledge the offense
– Identify the obvious
– Interrupt the behavior
– Publicly support the aggrieved person
– Use body language
– Carefully use humor
– Encourage dialogue
– Ease strong feelings
– Call for help

They should have included a 10th step — tell the victim to bend over, grab her ankles and kiss her butt goodbye.

In response, RepublicanPartyAnimals.org put together the following satirical clip they call, “Obama’s Rules to ‘Nonviolently’ Stop Rape and Murder.” Watch the parody here.

The following is the original DEOMI video.


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