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Hot mic catches Obama dissing Congress in Israel, Boehner’s odd response

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President Obama may be fostering good relations with Israel during his visit there, but he’s not doing much for his relations with Congress back at home, as demonstrated by a “hot mic” quip caught on tape Wednesday.

While standing at attention on the tarmac after arriving in Tel Aviv, Obama was heard saying “It’s good to get away from Congress,” jokingly to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Later in the day, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked House Speaker John Boehner what he thought of the comment in an interview to air on The Lead.

“So much for the charm offensive,” Boehner joked. “I’d rather be heckled than ignored. Or as I like to say, you only tease the ones you love.”

See Obama’s remark here:

See Boehner’s remarks here:


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