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Furious Bob Beckel to CBS: ‘Take that show and shove it’

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Furious Fox News host Bob Beckel slammed CBS for its recent anti-American, pro-communist episode of “The Amazing Race,” filmed in Vietnam.

Contestants on the show went to Hanoi where they were told to memorize a “communist song” and worse, visit the wreckage of an American B-52 bomber that was shot down during the war.

Greg Gutfeld started the segment and perfectly summed up how disrespectful this episode was to all Vietnam veterans.

While all hosts of “The Five” were disgusted by the decision of CBS to film such an anti-American episode, Beckel was the most vocally outraged.

I am so outraged by this I can’t believe it. CBS is idiotic. They’re stupid. The idea that they would put something like that on TV. Don’t blame it on young producers; it had to go through somebody at the executive branch at CBS. If CBS can’t do better than that, to have people go to a memorial where Americans died, then you ought to get off the network. Take that show and shove it!

Beckel continued, raging, “That was as un-American a piece you could put on TV as I’ve ever seen.”

Beckel ended by calling the episode “a Communist show by a network that ought to know better.”

Watch the full segment from Wednesday’s “The Five” here:


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