Gov Scott in Israel
Fla. Gov. Scott establishes business office in Israel

Gov. Rick Scott has directed $100,000 in budget funding for Enterprise Florida to establish an international economic development office in Tel Aviv, Israel. The Consul General of the […]

Palestinians buen US flag
Palestinians burn American flag, chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ to welcome Obama

President Barack Obama’s Mideast trip not turning out to be the rip-roaring success he’d hoped it would be. During a joint press conference Wednesday with Israeli Prime […]

Kitty Genovese rape
Exclusive parody of DOD’s insulting ‘bystander intervention’ tips

The following story rankled me enough to produce a parody video. The only way to truly, genuinely understand the utter insanity of the “nine points” is to […]

Deandre Poole
Media fail: Stomp Jesus FAU professor is a Dem. Party official

A South Florida college professor’s bizarre classroom antics have made waves for their shocking display of religious intolerance. But they were even more instructive in educating the […]

Redskins helmet
House Dems. introduce bill to ban ‘Redskins’ from NFL

House Democrats introduced a bill in Congress Wednesday that would prevent anyone from trademarking the word “Redskins” in an effort to force Washington’s football team to change […]

Florida Atlantic University
FAU student suspended for not stomping on Jesus

A student at Florida Atlantic University was suspended from class after complaining to school officials that his professor instructed the class to write the name JESUS on […]

fear, scream mask
Mind-blowing DOD video: Use ‘humor,’ ‘dialogue’ to stop murder in progress

Government is trying very hard to disarm America, yet with or without guns, crime will still occur. What should we do when confronted with a violent crime […]

Obama in Middle East
Obama on Israel-Palestine conflict: US and Canada have arguments, too

At a news conference this morning, President Obama “We can’t afford to have our kids in bed sleeping and suddenly a rocket comes through the roof,” the […]

Honors assembly
Student honors assembly cancelled to avoid hurt feelings

An Ipswitch, Ma., middle school’s decision to cancel its honors assembly this year because it may be too upsetting for some students proves that America is indeed […]

Grandpa’s ashes dumped on floor by unapologetic TSA agent

When it comes to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), grandpa’s cremated ashes are just another casualty in making the airways safe. As reported  by The Blaze, John […]

White House staff
Women, minorities ‘second class citizens’ in Obama’s White House

The mileage President Barack Obama and the far-left got out of the faux “war on women” during the 2012 election, where an unaccomplished 30-year-old still in college […]

NY offers $500 reward for reporting illegal gun owners, PSA imminent

New York Police departments and citizens had absolutely no idea a hotline was set up a year ago by the governor’s office for residents to call and […]