HuffPost ‘startled’ to learn MSNBC mostly opinion

Just because it’s called “Hardball” doesn’t mean it’s hard news. Photo credit

On Monday, the results of the Pew Research Center‘s annual “State of the Media” were released and to the surprise of no one except the left, it found that by far, MSNBC was far more opinion-driven than its cable news competitors.

The Pew report, which the progressive Huffington Post said made for “very gloomy reading,” indicated that MSNBC’s content consists of 85 percent opinion and only 15 percent actual news.

Jeff Bercovici reported in Forbes:

A full 85% of the Comcast-owned network’s coverage can be classified as opinion or commentary rather than straight news, according to the authors of the Pew Research Center’s annual State of the News Media report.

CNN and Fox News Channel, meanwhile, fall much closer to a 50/50 distribution, with Fox News skewing somewhat more heavily toward opinion.

Shortly after publishing its report of the “gloomy” Pew study, it tweeted the following:

“@ HuffingtonPost
Startling news about MSNBC”

Apparently the writers at the Post were the only people in the Twitterverse who found this news “startling.”

Wrote Cathy Wille, “‘@ HuffingtonPost: Startling news about MSNBC’ ”

Noting the HuffPost’s liberal bias, David Pasch tweeted, “@ HuffingtonPost complaining about @ MSNBC’s lack of hard news is like a crack addict yelling at his older brother for smoking cigarettes”

Read more at Forbes and check out more tweets gathered by the Twitchy team.


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