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Dems vote to continue promoting US food stamps in Mexico

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After predictions of gloom awaiting the onset of the sequester cuts, with little fanfare the Senate Budget Committee voted last week to continue promoting U.S. food stamps in Mexico.

During a markup of the Senate budget resolution, Alabama Republican Jeff Sessions proposed that funding of the “partnership” with the Mexican government to “raise awareness” about food stamps among immigrants from that country be discontinued. The 12-10 vote along party lines allowed Democrats to block Sessions’ proposal.

While no one has a clear answer to the cost of the program, Sessions’ staff estimates it could be millions.

According to Fox News:

According to a letter from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to Sessions last September, the “partnership” since 2004 has included roughly 91 meetings between U.S. and Mexico embassy and consulate staff; 29 health fair events; and 31 roundtable discussions, conferences and forums in 20 cities.

Sessions is concerned the collaboration amounts to a vehicle for the USDA to pressure people onto the food-stamp rolls — in this case, noncitizen immigrants from Mexico.

See the committee vote here:


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