6th graders protest outside White House gates

The 6th graders from St. Paul’s Lutheran School in Waverly, Iowa got plenty of notoriety last week with the release of a video showing them reacting to news that a planned White House tour during an upcoming trip to Washington, D.C. was cancelled.

The tour was nixed as a result of the Obama administration stopping all White House tours due to budget cuts brought on by sequestration.

The class made it to our nation’s capital Saturday, reports ABC News, but did not get the White House tour they had hoped for. Instead, they took a photo outside the gates protesting being shut out.

Just as in the video, the students posed for the photo outside the White House holding individual paper signs spelling out the phrase, “The White House is our house!  Please let us visit!”

“I would really like it if you could open the White House, so we could let the tours in,” 6th grader Naomi Carpenter said when asked to send a message to the president, according to ABC News.

On a web site — TheWhiteHouseIsOurHouse.com — St. Paul’s Lutheran School included the photo highlighted here and the following message:

“Our access may have been denied, but we are not losing our American pride. St. Paul’s 6th graders will continue to restore White House tours for kids across America. Join our cause by calling the White House Comment line and tell the President to restore White House Tours!”

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3 thoughts on “6th graders protest outside White House gates

  1. pat says:

    What a joke. I bet those Arabs are enjoying our money.

  2. Charlene Green says:

    government sent Egypt millions of dollars, but cancelled Easter Egg Hunt and tours to so call budget cuts, WRONG IN EVERY WAY!!!!!

  3. Debbi Gunter says:

    I do not understand how this particular ridiculous decision is going to help with budget cuts seeing as how there r volunteers that give the tours and really???? The millions that r being spent on personal vacations, extravagant purchases, the presidents pay and soooo many other things that need to b and could b cut but your president refuses 6th graders a tour of the white house??? Give me a break!!! Let the children tour what belongs to them!!!

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