That pain in the neck may not be your elected official

Neck Pain
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Have you been experiencing a nagging pain in the neck lately? If so, you could be paying too much attention to what you elected officials are up to, or you may be suffering from “text neck.”

As reported in Natural News, modern technology has added yet another entry to the long catalog of lifestyle diseases and injuries that now plague our society: “text neck.”

The term was originally coined by a Florida chiropractor, according to Natural News, and describes “a type of chronic neck and back pain caused by overuse of the head, neck and shoulders due to long periods of time spent looking down at a cell phone, mp3 player, tablet, e-reader, laptop or other mobile device, according to the report.”

“People get so focused on these devices that they end up holding their neck and upper back in abnormal positions for a long period of time; enough that … people coined the phrase ‘text neck,'” orthopedic surgeon and spine specialist Chris Cornett told Natural News.

While you may think this is an ailment that affects mainly younger people who spends hours on devices playing games and texting, Kerry Rodocker-Wiarda, a chiropractic in Grand Island, Nebraska, says she has actually seen a greater increase in postural pain among older people.

Of course, her advice mimics the old joke:

A man goes to see his doctor and says ‘Doc, it hurts when I do this” and the doctor says “Then don’t do that.”

“Just try not to spend so much time on it,” Rodocker-Wiarda cautions.

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