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RNC ‘autopsy’ released: Plans for $10 million on minority outreach

RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus
Photo Credit: GOP.com

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Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus discussed the findings of a new report Monday that outlined the 2012 election failures of the GOP and the 219 recommendations that will help move the party forward.

Priebus commissioned the “Growth and Opportunity Project” in December 2012 and called the 98-page report an “autopsy” of what went wrong the last election cycle and what is needed for the party to win in the coming years.

“There’s no one reason we lost,” Priebus said Monday. “Our message was weak; our ground game was insufficient; we weren’t inclusive; we were behind in both data and digital; our primary and debate process needed improvement. … So, there’s no one solution: There’s a long list of them.”

One area the GOP will need to focus attention on improving is “messaging.” The report said voters who once considered themselves Republican described the party as “’scary,’ ‘narrow minded,’ and ‘out of touch’ and that we were a Party of ‘stuffy old men.’ This is consistent with the findings of other post-election surveys.”

Priebus appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Sunday and said the RNC will spend $10 million this year alone on a minority outreach and inclusion initiative to “promote the GOP brand in local communities,” the Huffington Post reported.

Read the “Growth and Opportunity Project” report here.

Watch Priebus address the National Press Club Monday via Politico:

Watch Priebus on Sunday’s “Face the Nation” via the Huffington Post:


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