‘Palin Liberty Pose’ is sweeping the nation

Photo Credit: Twitchy

Sarah Palin did it before, and she has done it again: inspired patriots all across the nation to stand up for freedom, liberty and democracy.

When she lifted her “Big Gulp” and saluted the audience during her speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, America’s new “Lady Liberty” pose was born.

A Twitchy headline read: “Out: Tebowing and Eastwooding: In: The Palin Liberty Pose!”

Sarah Palin’s wildly popular CPAC speech, punctuated by the Big Gulp swig heard ’round the world, has sparked a new late-night, post-CPAC trend: The Palin Liberty Pose!

#PalinLibertyPose is sweeping the nation:

@ AGUGrizzlies: Do The #PalinLibertyPose And Drive The LSM Bat Crap Crazy

‪@ SarahPalinUSA Here’s to liberty! MT ‪@ TwitchyTeam Out: Tebowing and Eastwooding: In: ‪#PalinLibertyPose

‏‪@ AGUGrizzliesThink about this. In Obama’s America holding up a Big Gulp is an act of defiance. ‪#PalinLibertyPose

‪@ ny4palin In honor of ‪@ SarahPalinUSA, Freedom. Double Gulp is the Beta 100-Round Drum of Sugary Drinks ‪#PalinLibertyPose‪#TCOT

‪@ Brand_Allen Gal gives one hell of a speech. RT @ Organize4Palin: Inspiration: ‪pic.twitter.com/y9BcQN1nEv‪#PalinLibertyPose cc: ‪@ SarahPalinUSA‪#tcot

Organize4Palin (O4P) ‏‪@O4PalinMake a ‪#PalinLibertyPose and send it to [email protected] like this: ‪pic.twitter.com/bnisWHDc6v

Palin Liberty Pose
Photo Credit: Twitchy


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