NYC schoolchildren being brainwashed against US military

Third-grade students in New York are about to get a graphic introduction to war as part of a new statewide English curriculum adopted by city and state lawmakers.

Worse yet, the picture books selected by the state to be read by eight year-old children are arguably quite anti-war, if not downright anti-US military.

The New York Post reported the books were “created by Expeditionary Learning, a non-profit arm of the group Outward Bound,” and chosen by the state because they align with “new national standards known as The Common Core.” Common Core curriculum requires more “nonfiction” books in the classroom, the Post explained.

The Post described one of the books New York third-graders will soon read:

They include “The Librarian of Basra,” which contains drawings of fighter planes dropping bombs on a palm-tree-lined Middle Eastern town.

In another illustration, the protagonist looks worried, peering out a window at soldiers manning machine guns on a rooftop.

The terrified townsfolk wonder, “Who among us will die?” and “Will our families survive?”

The obvious question is are elementary aged students ready to handle the realities of war or is this an overt attempt to indoctrinate children against America and our military?

The article reported at least one city principal is speaking out against the new war themed content for elementary schools:

“There’s no way in hell that I find it appropriate for third grade, let alone elementary school, on so many levels,” said a Queens elementary-school principal who was shown one of the books by colleagues outside the city.

“We don’t have to bring the message of war with it. We don’t have to bring in guns and bombs,” said the principal. “My assumption is that some person would have read the material and gone over it and approved it, but I don’t know in what world they could have been living.”


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