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Fox News will soon have competition

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One America News LogoFox News may soon have competition. Dubbed “unapologetically conservative” by San Diego’s ABC News 10, One America News Network is planning a July 4 debut.

Herring Broadcasting Company, Inc. said One America will be a 24/7 high-definition news channel which will fill a void by providing a “credible source of national and international news around the clock along with a number of signature political talk shows.”

“Americans are starved for a credible source of news delivering substance based on facts,” Robert Herring, CEO of HBC, said in a statement. “One America News Network will prove to be a trustworthy destination for national and international news.

Herring said that the network’s political talk shows will tackle subjects ignored by other media, and will focus on discussion, not shouting matches.

HBC began preparing for One America News Networks’ launch in 2012 with an upgrade to its current production facilities.

Giving them an immediate presence in the nation’s capital, One America is partnering with The Washington Times, utilizing reporters, content and space for a production studio.

“We’re extremely pleased to have developed a working relationship with The Washington Times that provides access to staff and content,” Herring said.

Producer and host Jenn Barlow says there’s room for another player in the conservative news market, as demonstrated by the high ratings for Fox News. Barlow said One America will feature more diversity and offer more perspective from the Tea Party and other conservatives.

Graham Ledger announced the launch of One America at CPAC over the weekend:

See the ABC News 10 report here:


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