Dr. Ben Carson: ‘Let’s say you magically put me in the White House’

A large part of Dr. Ben Carson’s speech Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference focused on the importance of education in America.

Carson, who is the director of pediatric neurosurgery at John Hopkins Hospital, told the enthusiastic crowd before him that his nickname in school was “Dummy.”

However, at the urging of his mother, he began to read more and take his education seriously.

“Education is such a fundamental principal of the success of America and we are allowing it to go under,” Carson said.

He spoke about the culture of “ignorant” and “unprepared” people in this country who can name the American Idol winner, but not tell you a thing about America’s foreign policy.

This is exactly what the founders of this country warned against: Our system of government is based upon a well educated and informed populous. And if our populous ever becomes anything other than that we will become a different country. They knew what they were talking about.

He then gave a frightening scenario of how easy it would be for a president to put policies into place that could destroy America, and said “coincidentally,” it’s what we are seeing happening now.

With his refreshing brand of logic, common sense solutions, and humor, Carson proved yet again how much he inspires and brings hope to conservatives across the country.

It’s no wonder the crowd erupted with cheers when he said, “Let’s say you magically put me in the White House.” Considering he also announced his retirement from medicine this year, speculation of Carson’s political aspirations abound.

Watch Dr. Carson’s CPAC 2013 speech here:


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