Allen West says people question Rick Scott’s backbone

Allen West
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Tampa Bay Times political editor Adam C. Smith caught up with former Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) over the weekend at CPAC 2013 and asked him about rumors circulating that he may consider challenging Gov. Rick Scott in the primary.

As expected, West was having none of that, responding, “You’ve got some good guys in Florida for governor. You’ve got Jeff Atwater. You’ve got Adam Putnam.”

Smith followed up by asking West if he suggesting they ought to primary Scott?

“No. You just asked me about running for governor, West said. “I said you’ve got far better people than me.”

When asked how much trouble is Scott in with the tea party, West responded:

“I think when you say you’re going to stand up to something then you kind of back off … but there are other Republican governors who did the same thing. It’s kind of making people question, ‘Really, where is your backbone?

West added that he would not have “gone for that Medicaid expansion,” as it was “not something you were mandated to do,” in reference to Scott’s position.

The comment on Scott’s backbone reflects the sentiments of noted tea party leader Patricia Sullivan, who commented on Scott’s decision to back Medicaid expansion in a previous interview with the Times: “People are expressing deep disgust and disillusionment. They get so disgusted with politicians who say one thing and do another.”

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