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‘The Five’ gets real: Black conservatives like West and Scott thrown under bus

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On Fox’s Friday edition of “The Five,” the panel tackled the left’s treatment of “token” black Republicans like former Rep. Allen West of Florida and Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina.

Referring to the Conservative Political Action Conference speeches made by both men, co-host Greg Gutfeld outlined how “liberals have problems with race,” adding that “if you work at The New York Times, you’d call them ‘tokens’” because they “don’t act the way you want a black guy to act.”

“Democrats supported slavery and opposed amendments to wipe it out,” Gutfield said. “They were pro-segregation. Created Jim Crow. They had a former clansman as a top senator and used the KKK as their cudgel. The media rarely ever brings that up.”

Then Gutfeld brought American racial history to the present-day struggles of black conservatives.

“West and Scott have to remind black America the abusive relationship they endured for so long,” he said. “They may not be in the back of the bus anymore. They’re just under it.”

And with that, the panel discussion began.

In apparent confirmation to Gutfeld’s assessment, when Dr. Benjamin Carson took the CPAC stage on Saturday, the left tweeted:

“Ben Carson is gonna ride this “white conservatives love THIS type of Negro” fetish all the way to the bank. Cha-Ching!”

And then a short time later:

“Artur Davis is gonna fight Ben Carson back stage. There can only be one negro that conservatives love. He demands that mantle.”

And in apparent disbelief:

“They gave this Negro, Ben Carson a standing ovation. Smh.”

Read more tweets from the Twitchy Team and watch the video below.


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