Taxpayers getting a trim at US Senate barbershop?

Senate Barbershop

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We often hear about lawmakers in Washington, D.C. enjoying a privileged lifestyle at taxpayer expense, living in a bubble, isolated from real-world experiences that everyday Americans must deal with.

Like getting a haircut.

As it turns out, Senate Hair Care Services is there to meet the needs of busy lawmakers looking for a quick trim. The barbershop provides government-subsidized cuts, shaves and shines in a tradition that predates the Civil War.

And it has run a deficit of approximately $350,000 a year for each of the last 15 years, according the The Weekly Standard. For those keeping score, that’s $5 million.

Considering that in 2010, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, the estimated net worth of a U.S. senator stood at an average of $2.56 million, it’s fair to ask why this service is being subsidized.

The Weekly Standard noted that sequestration’s required spending cuts is providing convenient cover for efforts to “privatize” the barbershop — efforts that have met great resistance from senators who have argued “that the barbershop was an important institution passed down from the great statesmen who came before them.”

It’s also a nice convenience for “busy” lawmakers, even though for the 100th through 110th Congresses, the Senate met an average of just under 137 calendar days each year, according to the Center for American Progress.

“I don’t know when you could get a haircut with our schedule around here,” Arlen Specter once said. “You can slip in and out of the barbershop in 20 minutes. If you have to go downtown, it will take an hour and a half.”

So add haircuts to a long list of perks costing taxpayers millions of dollars every year, be it for rental cars, dry cleaning or any number of reimbursements.

House Republicans successfully privatized their taxpayer-subsidized barbershop in 1995, according to the Weekly Standard.

Read full report here: Supercuts – The Senate barbershop gets a trim

Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

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Tom Tillison


6 thoughts on “Taxpayers getting a trim at US Senate barbershop?

  1. The Senate sure seems to be overloaded with Morons and Retards.

  2. Anthony Zenobi says:

    Why are we paying for their haircuts. I have never had a job or ever heard of a job that pays for your haircuts. One of the many reasons we are broke as a nation, everyone has a feeling of entitlement

  3. Buck Dude says:

    And in the meantime I bought one of those "personal" hair cutting grooming kits at Wal-Mart back in 2008 because the economy had sunk and it was getting tough affording even a $20 haircut.

    Let's see there's 100 senators, so $350,000 divided by 100 useless lazy lawmaker's is, HOW MUCH EACH!!!!

    Unbelievable what we're paying for those poli-sci degree's and once again proves my point.

    Those poli-sci degree's don't come with an ounce of common sense.

  4. Marine68 says:

    It looks like the Retards are us, for putting them in office to begin with.

  5. Can you list the names of the Senators who regularly use the Senate Barbershop? How often? Which Senators do not and have not used this perk?

  6. I never knew we were paying for this kind of things.Why did we have to do it anyway????????????????????Liz

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