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Coulter delivers jaw-dropping speech at CPAC 2013: Christie’s ‘off my list’

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The acerbic wit of conservative pundit and best-selling author Ann Coulter was in full force Saturday, the final day of the Conservative Political Action Conference.

“Due to the turmoil in North Korea, our regularly scheduled speaker, Ambassador Dennis Rodman, will not be here. So I’m filling in,” she began.

“The sequester has really ruined everything, hasn’t it? Little kids can’t go on White House tours. Muslim Brotherhood has been deprived of $250 million. Oh wait!” she said. “That’s safe.”

Then she hinted at what was to come — her new opinion of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

“Even CPAC had to cut back on its speakers this year — by about 300 pounds,” Coulter said, referring to the governor’s ample weight.

After tackling a variety of subjects, including racial code words and taxation, she got to her real beef with Christie.

“If amnesty goes through, America becomes California, and no Republican will ever win another election,” she said. “I’m now a single-issue voter against amnesty, so Chris Christie’s off my list.”

Coulter also referred to mistakes made by GOP candidates in the 2012 election season, including right-to-life issues.

“It’s not the position of the National Right To Life Committee that a woman should carry the baby of her rapist,” she said. “I think our position is, ‘No, absolutely exceptions for rape and abortion.’ Now we should talk about 99 percent of the other abortions. Hey! Where did all the Democrats go? I think our position is also locking up the rapist and not giving him the right to vote, like the Democrats want to.”

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