Sympathy for Israel highest in 25 years, Palestine unpopular  

Chicago Pro-Israel rally
U.S. sympathy for Israel remains high. Photo credit

When President Barack Obama embarks on his Mideast trip next week, he should keep in mind that an overwhelming percentage of Americans’ sympathies lie with Israelis — not Palestinians.

Gallup’s latest poll, released Friday, indicate that 64 percent of Americans sympathize with Israel, versus 12 percent for Palestine. That percentage “ties the highest Gallup has recorded in a quarter century, last seen in 1991 during the Gulf War,” Gallup’s Lydia Saad wrote.

The gulf between sympathies for the two has widened during the last 12 months, as the graph below indicates. (Story continues below the graph.)

Gallup graph Israel v Palestine

The graph also indicates that the number of respondents who have no opinion or favor neither side has steadily decreased over the last decade, while those favoring Palestinians have remained fairly steadily in the teens.

The Gallup report continues:

Consistent with prior years, Republicans are substantially more likely than Democrats to favor the Israelis, 78% vs. 55%, with the preferences of independents — currently 63% — more closely matching those of Democrats.

Support for Israel has increased among all three party groups since 2001, but particularly among Republicans and independents. The percentage sympathizing more with the Israelis has increased by 18 percentage points among Republicans (from 60% to 78%) and by 21 points among independents (from 42% to 63%). By comparison, Democrats’ support has increased four points (from 51% to 55%).

The president’s scheduled visit to Israel, the Palestinian West Bank and Jordan next week will mark his first trip to the region since assuming office.

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