Colorado jumps the shark on gun control, backlash begins

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Late into the night, the Colorado General Assembly passed a stiff universal background check law, setting off a flurry of activity.

Friday night at 9:32, The Associated Press tweeted the following message:

“BREAKING: Landmark expansion of firearms background checks passes in Colorado; governor expected to sign”

An hour later, Vice President Joe Biden tweeted, “Congrats to Colorado House and Senate for passing universal background checks,” but as the Twitchy team noted, “not its citizens, natch.”

The bill passed late Friday night, with the final tally at 36-27 in the House, and the Senate approving it 19-14. Colorado passed the measure despite days of testimony from law enforcement professionals and Second Amendment supporters.

Rep. Beth McCann, the bill’s House co-sponsor, admitted during a floor debate that the law won’t necessarily keep criminals from possessing firearms.

“Are we going to stop all criminals?” she asked, according to LiveLeak. “I don’t know, but are we going to put a barrier there to make it more difficult? Yes.”

Boulder-based Magpul Industries, which manufactures firearm magazines among other products, has threatened to leave the state if it restricts magazine capacities. The company posted on its Facebook page instructions for purchasing “standard capacity magazines” in Colorado.

A later Facebook entry noted that the Denver Post played fast and loose with a poll that lumped the gun bill with “public unions,” pending death penalty legislation and other issues.

The Facebook post reads:

Hit this Denver Post poll “For” overturning HB1224. Not only did DP use some tricky wording in the question, but the “for” side magically lost 20% of ground between midnight and 6am…meaning either the anti-gunners are night owls, or someone is running a script to skew the results. Read and answer carefully. We hope the Gov isn’t using a newspaper poll to influence his decision, but just in case…

Gov. John Hickenlooper, who is expected to sign the bill into law, tweeted his thanks:

“Special thx to Matt Hastings and Gov’s Office interns for handling 1,165 calls today (1 every 30 secs) related to the gun bills.”

Magpul tweeted the governor back:

“@ hickforco what % of the calls were against the legislation?”

Joining firearm manufacturers’ threats to leave is the popular cable TV Outdoor Channel, which said it would stop taping hunting and fishing segments in Colorado if the state passes restrictive gun control legislation.

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