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Trump on Israel visit: ‘It’s about time’

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Early on the agenda Friday morning at CPAC 2013, America’s businessman Donald Trump was on hand to address the audience on what’s wrong with the country and how it can be fixed.

“We don’t build things anymore,” Trump said. He pointed to the fact that everything must be bought from other countries because America is not producing things.

“We have to start building things, we have to start manufacturing,” Trump said. “We have to bring money in. We have to take back our jobs from China.”

Trump said the U.S. is spending too much money overseas, and not getting anything in return.

“Our country is a total and complete mess, and what we need is leadership,” he said. “We have to make America great again.”

While Trump didn’t speak much on foreign policy during his speech, at a press conference which followed, Adam Kredo of the Washington Free Beacon asked Trump about Obama’s upcoming trip to Israel.

“It’s about time he goes. … I think it’s great that he’s going,” Trump told Kredo.

See Trump’s speech here:


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