The crazy liberal Dem. who emails me all the time

I’m often asked if, as a publisher of a conservative news website, I get attacked a lot. The answer is yes, but that I enjoy it, especially from one guy who emails me all the time.

The guy’s name is Kavazanji, and he cracks me up. I’m not going to publish his full name because I find the emails funny, and would like to continue to get them.

What’s even funnier is that he’s actually a subscriber to our daily email newsletter, and I can only assume he continues to subscribe so he can send me his rants.

In fact, if I don’t get a Kavazanji email for a while, I figure maybe BizPac Review has gotten a little soft and we’re not hitting as hard as we should be.

I get my share of truly ugly emails, but I don’t dwell on them. I prefer to start my morning with a Kavazanji email.

Here is what passed for discourse among liberals:

crazy guy emails to Jack


Jack Furnari


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