Letter to the editor: Dear Allen West

allen west muricaDear Allen West: I have watched and listened to you for some time. I am convinced you are the “real deal.” Your thoughts and beliefs resonate in my heart in ways I have not experienced before. I respect and thank you for your service to our nation and the sacrifice it entailed for your family. I am very skeptical as to whom I can trust these days, but I believe you can be trusted. I believe you to be a man of honor, integrity and faith.

Therefore, I want to hear from you. In fact, I want to continue to hear from you exactly how you plan to turn around this debacle, before it is truly too late. I am not afraid but deeply concerned about our direction. We have some bastions of our union that have been diminished and damaged, perhaps forever. I am not sure that we can defund anything, or that God would want to do so. I am not sure what the end will be for the USA. I will trust in God, and whomever I sense is a courageous messenger.

You could be the one. I want to send support for your PAC. I want you to know that I am a widow, but quite self-supporting. I do not rely on any government dole whatsoever. I have not just been passively frustrated. I have been willing to speak out to my local newspapers when I can.

I am concerned for my grandchildren. Should Jesus tarry, they will be affected by the direction, ideology and leftist educational agenda that are defining us. Public schools are not educating children to think and discern; they are being indoctrinated by the left. For that I am deeply concerned. I know you in spirit. I know you are not just a politician. I know you are a man of principle and faith in the one true God and his son, Jesus Christ, wherein the answers lie. I will be praying for you.

Nancy Elis, licensed minister

Southbury, Conn.


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