Alan Grayson’s scare tactic: Al-Qaida could target Disney World

Alan Grayson
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While it’s understandable that a member of Congress would look to minimize the effects of budget cuts in his district, for U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, it would seem his hypocrisy knows no bounds.

As federal authorities look to close the control tower at Kissimmee Gateway airport, located in his district, Grayson has sent two letters to the FAA trying to convince them to keep it open.

In his latest effort, the bombastic Grayson notes that terrorists would have a better chance at striking Walt Disney World, should the tower be closed.

The airport “protects the Disney Temporary Flight Restricted Area immediately to the Northwest — flight space which may someday be used in the War on Terror if the various reports of Al Qaeda targeting Disney are true,” Grayson wrote in a letter dated March 12, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

This being the same Alan Grayson who was profiled in the Huffington Post as follows:

Grayson, 52, has strong anti-war credentials. He was an early, consistent and unequivocal opponent of both “war on terror” conflicts, beginning with Iraq. In 2006, the first year he ran for Congress, his vintage Cadillac sported a bumper sticker reading: “Bush Lied, People Died.” As a congressman, he characterized both wars as “occupations,” and he likes to say that the best way to support American troops is to bring them home — now.

So, even though he is an “unequivocal opponent,” Grayson is willing to use the war on terror as a means to protect interests in his district and, ultimately, his own reelection chances. Hypocritical much?

For the record, Kissimmee Gateway airport is located 11.6 miles from Disney World, while the much larger Orlando International Airport is just 21.3 miles away.

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