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Rand Paul CPAC 2013: ‘GOP of old has grown stale and moss-covered’

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Conservatives across the country gathered together in the nation’s capitol Thursday for the beginning of the Conservative Political Action Conference 2013.

Following U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio in the afternoon session was U.S. Sen. Rand Paul.

Greeted with a standing ovation, the Kentucky Senator joked about getting “only 10-minutes” considering he just spoke for 13-hours during the filibuster of the nomination of John Brennan for CIA director.

Paul said the filibuster was not only about drone strikes against Americans on U.S. soil, he said it was about “asking whether we would defend the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

“The Bill of Rights defines us, it’s what makes us exceptional,” Paul told the crowd.

Paul took President Obama to task over closing the White House to tours. He suggested we stop spending money on ludicrous things like “robotic soldiers” and “menus on Mars”.

At the end of his speech, Paul acknowledged the young conservatives in the crowd. Paul spoke about the need of the GOP to stand on principle, but understand the need for change.  “The GOP of old has grown stale and moss-covered,” he said, and then jokingly said he “wouldn’t name names.”

”The new GOP must embrace liberty in the economic and personal sphere.” Liberty, Paul said, needs to be the backbone of the GOP if we expect to win.

“For liberty to expand, government must shrink. For the economy to grow, the government must get out of the way.”

Watch Paul’s address at CPAC 2013:


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