Liberal media inhales too much Vatican smoke

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While the World awaited for the Conclave of Cardinals to choose a new Roman Catholic spiritual leader, CNN’s Anderson Cooper was at the Vatican conducting some rather odd interviews that tweeps found hilarious.

Here are a few examples:

TMS Ruge @ tmsruge
That ground-breaking moment where CNN flies Anderson Cooper 1st class ALL THE WAY to Vatican to find & interview, uhm.. American tourist

Neil Deininger @ neilywhompus
I don’t know what’s worse: Chris Matthews telling the new Pope what he should do on MSNBC or Anderson Cooper interviewing Americans on CNN.

Daniel Drezner @ dandrezner
Loving the same basic answer to @ andersoncooper query about why they’re in St. Peter’s Square: “Because there’s a new pope, dumbass.”

Guilty Squid @ guiltysquid
I really wish someone would respond to Anderson Cooper’s question: Why are you here? with “Just looking for some gelato, man.”

Cooper closes the interview with, “I’m so glad you’re here,” which was picked up by viewers and prompted this tweet.

Andrew Chiappazzi @ achiappazzi
Why is Anderson Cooper saying he’s so glad every person he interviews is here? Is he the actual host of Pope Fest 2013?

Read more hilarious tweets on Twitchy. An interview follows.


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