IRS goes after man who taped Romney’s 47% comment

Scott Prouty, the bartender who secretly taped Mitt Romney’s famous “47 percent” comment in Boca Raton last year, owes the IRS a sizable check, records show.

According to Broward County official documents obtained by Gossip Extra, Prouty has a 7-year-old debt of $15,396.42 to settle with the Internal Revenue Service. Prouty was hit with a lien for income taxes that went unpaid in 2006.

Gossip Extra provides the following information along with a copy of the revealing document:

Back in October, Prouty was working at a $50,000 Romney fundraiser at the Boca Raton mansion of hedge fund manager Marc Leder when he turned on his camera while the candidate spoke.

The footage of Romney describing 47 percent of Americans as government freeloaders was partly credited, or blamed, for President Barack Obama‘s reelection.

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