Freedom Gun Gallery: Send us your photos

In support of Americans’ right to defend ourselves, our families and our freedom, BizPac Review is asking you, our readers, to send us your photos with your favorite weapon.

Law-abiding, patriotic Americans of all races, color, creed, age, gender and political affiliation believe in the fundamental right to bear arms.

We do not believe the government gives us these rights. They are ours, given to us by our creator, and in accordance with natural law.

The Freedom Gun Gallery will be a permanent feature on our website, and we’ll add your photos as they come in.

If you believe as we do, send in your photos. Together we are strong.

Please email the photos of you and your weapons to [email protected], and we will post them. JPG file format only, please. All photos will be captioned by a BPR staffer with your real name. Photos sent in without a full name included in the email will not be published. Your email address will not be used to sign you up for anything. Please do not Photoshop names or any other text onto your photo.

We are American gun owners, and we will protect our freedom.

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Jack Furnari


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