Cruz says ‘wacko birds’ must stick together, suggests tattoos for Republicans

Ted Cruz
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As conservatives across the country prepared for Thursday’s opening of the Conservative Political Action Conference, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz had this important reminder for them: Republicans must stay true to conservative principles if they expect to win future elections.

Cruz addressed a group of conservative activists in Washington, D.C. Wednesday evening and will speak at CPAC on Saturday evening, Politico reported.

Cruz began by poking fun at Sen. John McCain’s “wacko birds” comment. “It is wonderful to be among friends or, as some might say, fellow wacko birds,” Cruz joked. “If standing for the Constitution, standing for liberty, standing for values makes one a wacko bird … then I am pleased that birds of a feather flock together.”

However, the rest of his comments sent a serious and important message to the GOP: “The first step to winning elections is winning the political argument,” Cruz said.

According to the article, Cruz used Sen. Rand Paul’s recent 13-hour filibuster as an example of the “devotion to principle” more Republicans must exhibit to win in 2014:

More than a few in the Republican conference viewed his quest as a strange and quixotic quest. Rand stood there alone, and he talked and he talked and he talked, and something incredible started happening: we started seeing more and more come and rally to his aid.

Cruz was one of those who joined Paul on the Senate floor, as was Sen. Marco Rubio.

Politico reported, Cruz said that Republicans, especially Republican elected officials, must start convincing “the American people that Republicans are actually the party that’s best for struggling Americans.”

“Cruz said that in order to ‘win the argument’ against Democrats, two key words should be ‘tattooed on every [Republican’s] hand’: ‘growth’ and ‘opportunity,’” the article explained.

Cruz noted:

One of the most painful things about being a conservative is how many elected Republicans do not understand that our policies work — and they work especially for those struggling to climb the economic ladder. We’re not going to win the argument unless we understand that our ideas work.

President Reagan didn’t have to agonize over a speech about how to convey that because he lived it. He understood this is who we are as Americans and every one of us in this room understands that also.

Politico also reported that the crowd gave Cruz “multiple standing ovations” during his 40-minute speech as he continues to lead and inspire his fellow conservatives.

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