California tracks, disarms people with legally registered guns

California gun confiscation

“When a homeowner is confronted with nine armed agents wearing bullet proof vests, I’ll wager it doesn’t take a lot of talking [to gain entry].” Photo credit

California gun laws allow agents to seize weapons with neither probable cause nor due process, and illustrate a sobering, even chilling assessment Ann Coulter made on The Sean Hannity Show in early February.

“Universal background checks means universal registration,” she said. “Universal registration means universal confiscation, universal extermination. That’s how it goes in history.” She was right.

Any owner in California of a registered firearm who is later convicted of a felony, has a mental health issue or is subject to a domestic violence restraining order, will have his Second Amendment rights revoked.

This sounds pretty reasonable on its face. I probably join most people in saying I don’t want felons, mental incompetents or those who beat their spouses to possess a firearm.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris urged Vice President Joe Biden to adopt a similar provision nationally.

“What do we do about the guns that are already in the hands of persons who, by law, are considered too dangerous to possess them?” she wrote to Biden, according to

As reported by the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, any disqualified gun owner:

must immediately designate a third party who is not prohibited from possessing firearms by completing a Power of Attorney Declaration. The third party then has 30 days to properly transfer or dispose of any firearms possessed by the prohibited person. The third party may relinquish the firearms to a local law enforcement agency, sell or transfer them to a third party through a licensed firearms dealer, or sell them to a dealer.”

If the disqualified owner wasn’t properly notified, ignores or doesn’t understand the notice, the firearm is confiscated. The Bloomberg article described a typical gun confiscation:

Wearing bulletproof vests and carrying 40-caliber Glock pistols, nine California Justice Department agents assembled outside a ranch-style house in a suburb east of Los Angeles. They were looking for a gun owner who’d recently spent two days in a mental hospital.

They knocked on the door and asked to come in. About 45 minutes later, they came away peacefully with three firearms.

Let’s take a look at the criteria California uses to confiscate a firearm:

Felony Conviction: What if the person is convicted of a white-collar crime like embezzlement? What about other non-violent crimes? Such a person isn’t so much showing a propensity toward violence as he is a desire to get something that doesn’t belong to him without the messiness of physically harming others.

Mental Disease or Defect: What if the gun owner is suffering a bout of depression due to the loss of a loved one or a career or a financial setback? Do we remove his firearm on that basis? The California law makes no provision for voluntary treatment.

Domestic Restraining Order: I know this will surprise a lot of readers, but people going through a divorce will sometimes lie — in fact, they’ll often lie, to their lawyer, to the judge, even to themselves.

The Justice Department agents lack probable cause for a search warrant to enter a residence and confiscate a weapon — they have to talk their way in, according to the Bloomberg article. When a homeowner is confronted with nine armed agents wearing bulletproof vests, I’ll wager it doesn’t take a lot of talking.

Coulter was right in her assessment — and if this insanity were to spread across the nation, we have every right to be afraid.



24 thoughts on “California tracks, disarms people with legally registered guns

  1. G.W.O. says:

    Why , do we as a nation put up with this? This is our right the Second Amendment. Now if you study this, it was not written on a post it note.I'M very sorry for all of the people that lost sons,daughters,mothers,& fathers.But look at this, the LIAR & CHIEF, using little kids to attack , all of us who play by the laws ,& some are not worth the paper they are written on. A lot of the laws on the books right now, are illegal, as to what our four fathers were stating. They don't enforce them, & now watch out. The Liar & Chief should never brought children into the arena that they don't understand. This is based on emotion, to capture and seize on the emotion, & that should of never been done. This country is going to hell in a hand basket! the people for the people. Some have forgot this or they just don't give a dam. Lets vote them out,they do have a term and for some it is up. I, Remember when Ca. is where a lot of people went,to get away or escape, now everyone trying to escape from there, God Bless them on the Journey to get some freedom before it is gone. Stars & Bars, looking good.They want our guns & can't even do a budget, and this as you know is illegal,and we can't seize there money so a budget could get passed, insane. Do as I say not as I do. On the stars and bars I don't mean bigotry. This is the new Stars & Bars, not a bunch of people running around in a white clown suit, with a pointed hat, OK..OK..2 AMENDMENT is no different, than the 1st, 3rd. 4th, & so on. Attack on one is no different, than the rest. Don't let this happen.

  2. sac2dude says:

    So the solution is to let felons keep guns although the law specifically prohibits it?

    Yeah, great idea.

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